Style Book For A Rainy Day


Monsoon can be the toughest season for all. The cozy rainy season won’t allow us to rise from the bed and don’t even let me start with the outdoor rainy problems. Your beautiful dress can be iced with mud within no time while you are outside. So, is there anything you can do to keep up with the trend without messing with the rain? Well, there is.


Style Book For A Rainy Day

Who can say no to a cute little frock? Well, I can’t. When it comes to the rainy season, we will be looking for something comfortable yet trendy and, there is nothing more comfortable and stylish than a frock. The manageable length of the skirts is perfect for the rains especially if you want to go somewhere without your vehicle.


Style Book For A Rainy Day

Tired with your pants getting stained with mud and muck? Then, it is time to give the three-fourths a chance. The three-fourths are very convenient for the monsoon season, and they can keep you away from the mud water splashes.

Short Skirts

Style Book For A Rainy Day

How cute you will look in a short skit? Monsoon season can get you drenched into thick downpour and to wear something long and flowy is a nightmare. There come the cute shorts skirts to action. Skirts with pencil cuts and more can make you look dashing yet comfortable at the same time.


Style Book For A Rainy Day

Getting really cold in these rainy days? Well, jackets can be your saviour in this case. Thick and stylish jackets can complete your look as well as keep you warm from the cold also. Yes, jackets are not only for December and January, but it can be your comfort partner in this monsoon season also.

Cotton Kurtis

Style Book For A Rainy Day

It is impossible to wear long salwar kameez and dupatta during monsoon. There comes the Cotton Kurtis to save the day. The lightweight Kurtis are easy to wear and also, they can give you a traditional look without any doubt.


Style Book For A Rainy Day

Have you thought of replacing your jeans in this monsoon? Well, leggings would be a better option rather than a heavy jean. With the decreasing sunlight, you can easily switch to a nice and comfortable pair of leggings for the day. The vibrant colours and pattern can give you a perfect look plus you will get the advantage of a quick dry also.

So, what is your choice for this monsoon? Share your thoughts with us and let us know your style also.



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