Meraki –  A Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

Meraki – A Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

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By Pojashree Vakati, Rashika Madikar, Shagun Sethi, Yashaswi Jadwani

‘Meraki ‘ is a first attempt at putting up a magazine by four very creatively exuberant amateurs. ‘Meraki’ literally means a piece of one’s soul that has been let out. The editors elaborate the  reason behind the name, quoting – “Having worked on a magazine content  for the first time for three months, the ‘Meraki’ is very near to our hearts. We have certainly left a piece of our souls in the magazine and hence the name Meraki”.

The magazine is a fashion and life-style editorial that consists of conversations with interesting people and description of unique places. It covers sustainable topics (tips on sustainable styling) and sustainable designer (Anuj Sharma “Button Masala”), and androgynous fashion.

The contents are as follows:

  1. Like Mother Like Daughter: Interviewed Wanita Ashok and her daughter. who share the same passion for fitness. Wanita Ashok, the mother, is a fitness queen, and her daughter is a fitness baker.
  2. Nirjal Basnet: Spoke about the evolution of androgynous fashion. Interviewed Nirjal Basnet – Famous androgynous model from Bangalore.
  3. Button Masala: Interviewed Anuj Sharma, an Ahmadabad-based designer. He makes garments with the help of buttons and rubber bands and no stitching. This ensures that a person can wear the garment several times in different styles, making it a sustainable option.
  4. Evolution of Style: Styling then and now. How people styled before and how its done now. Also trend take : One item of clothing or shoes can be styled in different ways to gain different looks
  5. Seva Cafe – an Ahmadabad-based cafe, where your  eat your meals and the bill comes to you as it is being gifted by some other random person.
  6. Ecological Homes: Spoke about sustainable interiors and mud houses. Interviewed Chitra Vishwanath – an architect in Bangalore.
  7. Covered street Food of Bangalore: VV Puram
  8. Make-up Trends from Breakfast to Dinner

To view the magazine fully click on the link:

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