Here Are Some Surprising Health Benefits of Sex


Sex is beneficial not only for our body, but also for our mind. There is a hell lot of information talking about myths, do’s and don’ts, STDs, relationship advice, birth control measures and more everywhere. Here are a few health benefits.

Improves sleeping pattern

 Some Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Do you know that around 70 million people suffer due to insufficient sleep due to their lifestyle? But some studies have proven that indulging in sexual activity helps in improving the sleeping pattern. Sex could help you achieve about eight to nine hours of sufficient sleep. During sex, there are certain chemicals released in the brain like oxytocin, dopamine, to name a few that help facilitate closeness. ​
Boosts self-esteem and releases stress

Having frequent and satisfying sex can improve the well-being of an individual. Having sex frequently helps to cope up with emotional stress. Stress causes a lot of disorientation in the body, and majorly stress causes headaches, muscle tension, upset stomach and sleeping problems to name a few. There is also evidence published that proves emotional and physical intimacy helps in reducing stress.

Keeps your heart healthy

 Some Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

As per an American Journal, men with frequent sex have 45% reduced risk of heart disease, compared to men who have less frequently. Physical activities which exercise the heart is good for health. Sex helps in exercise of the heart. While you are sexually aroused the heart rate increases, with the total number of beats which increases per minute peaking during or closer to an orgasm.

Makes you happier

 Some Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

The Serotonin is a  happy hormone and this is responsible for making you happy and relaxed. During sex, this hormone will be released and helps in boosting the body immune system. Serotonin is instrumental in producing a feeling of happiness, which is associated with sex. Hence called the happy hormone or a happy pill produced inside your body.

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