Five Easy Ways to Bring Colour in to Your Wardrobe

Five Easy Ways to Bring Colour in to Your Wardrobe

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Here are few easy ways to add colour to your wardrobe, as explored by

  • Start small and work your way up.
  • Trade in basic black for a different neutral.
  • Choose colours that work with your skin, hair and personality.
  • Wear a bold shoe.
  • Add a bright handbag.
  • Wear a multi coloured dress.

If you’re a woman who loves the flare of fashion, travel and art, then add some elements into your wardrobe which suites the bright & bold elements of your personality. It’s time to take on colors, and if you’re not yet ready to grasp the rainbow through your clothes, look to your accessories and jewellery instead.

1.  Wear a bright watch

You must have the confidence when you choose bold colours. Adding arm candy with a color pop timepiece and a delightful matching bracelet will accentuate your style. According to colour therapy, the colour yellow brightens your mood and gives you energy, and the colour blue has a calming effect that helps you focus.

2.  Choose a bright belt bag

A cross-body and coloured clutch will always stand out against any outfit. But for a trendy look, choose the once maligned ‘bum-bag’ and/or a high-fashion belt bag.

For a fresh look, choose a colour that clashes with your outfit. Pink looks great with bright red for instance, or pale green with purple.

3.  Opt for a statement scarf

The options are endless with a scarf, but it depends on how you wear it. Scarves will always add a view of personality to your outfit.

An over-sized wool scarf draped over a shoulder, or a small silk scarf tied around the neck, with a handbag, a wrist -watch, or a classic headscarf, will add a splash of colour to your style.

4.  Style it with jewellery


There is more colour in jewellery than ever before, from jaunty earrings to bold necklaces and bangles. It’s a subtle touch, but it will often lift your outfit to another level.

5.  Layer it up

Do consider adding small details of style and colour because, a little colour goes a long way!


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