JD Annual Design Awards 2018

JD Annual Design Awards 2018

Editors choice

Unleashing creativity!

A phenomenon which is inevitable, which can mask itself either to be the most sought after or to be most frowned upon, which signifies existence and livelihood is ‘Change’. To embrace and to accept change is a matter of grace and understanding, while to cause the change involves identification, acknowledgement, creative innovations and implementation. With an intent to embrace ‘Change’, JD Institute of Fashion Technology presented various works on the same lines. Students aspired to change the existing norms of negligence which have led to cause glitches with a fresh breeze of thoughts for betterment of people and environment to invest in a sustainable future with responsibility. Sustainability, in its true sense, does not limit to the usage of materials, but it extends leaps and bounds in terms of development, concepts, techniques, and much more. As responsible designers, our students have taken an initiative to work on concepts which revolve around developing sustainable clothing in order to promote holistic living, sanitation, mental and physical health as a part of social sustainability, and human values. Ecological sustainability is a topic of importance too, where the acknowledgment of the concepts that emphasizes on adaptability, growth, and consistency enables to form a sustainable cycle. Through eco-friendly materials and products, design techniques, and creative ideas, an attempt is made to encourage up-cycling that ensures reduced wastage and promotes ethical fashion.

Photo : Jerin Nath


The two-day extravaganza on 1st and 2nd of June witnessed an outburst in the showcase of talent, intelligence, and skill in the fields of fashion, interior, jewelry design, and photography. The runway was decked up with around 80 marvelous collections elucidating class, style, glamour, and responsible design thinking. The works of interior and jewelry department were showcased perspicaciously in an exhibition for the same, along with a two-day digital display photography expo. The event was graced by industry experts and the people who shared the passion for art and design in the truest of sense.

The event was not only an altar to showcase their final projects and getting a kick-start for careers into the industry, but it also was a prominent time period of their lives where students are pushed beyond the limits and urged to think differently and practically at every step to execute their works successfully.
The outcome was truly remarkable, and it set a niche of its own. The most extraordinary works were awarded to recognize and encourage exceptional talent and hard work.
A 2 day event that saw the flow of ideas, thoughts, solutions, and redesigning to achieve the aspects of innovation, sustainability, and upholding ethics in the world of fashion design, interior design, jewelry design, and photography.

Photo : Renjen Pavithran
Photo : Renjen Pavithran

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