Wear Plastic in Style with Masaba Gupta


Wear out the Plastic in Style with Masaba Gupta

Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta has launched a new collection in collaboration with UNEP and Ogilvy India called, I will wear out plastic. Each garment in the collection has a detachable cloth bag inside it. The collection was conceptualised by Ogilvy India and UNEP India has supported to launch it with Masaba Gupta as the designer.

Wear out the Plastic in Style with Masaba Gupta

Talking about the collection Masaba says, “When Suresh Nayak and Ogilvy approached me they had a very clear brief that they want to create clothing with detachable bags. I just thought about the technicalities that how cloth can be turned into a bag and when conceptualising this, it is like any other collection only the technicalities are intense.”

The main idea behind this is to phase out single-use plastic. It took them nearly a year to implement this idea. When making the collection they made sure that they use only recyclable zippers and wooden buttons. Masaba doesn’t want the clothes to be a gimmick she wants them to be usable which a lot of people can incorporate in their daily lives.

“The concept was born at a brainstorming session of Ogilvy and the team made a prototype by taking a pocket and tried all the possible ways to implement it and shared the idea with UNEP. UNEP was quite impressed by the idea and UNEP along with Ogilvy collaborated with Masaba to launch a clothing line. She loved the idea and said let’s do it together,” says Suresh Nayak chief creative officer, Ogilvy India. Ogilvy and Masaba want to plagiarise the idea by other designers and to make it easy a few DIY videos will be launched. A digital campaign ‘Do it yourself‘ has been released so that the idea is copied and executed by many.

Wear out the Plastic in Style with Masaba Gupta

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