Virtual Music Platform to Facilitate Online Learning


Most aspects of our lives are being managed online since the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it seems this trend is set to be extended even further. After successfully managing the transition to work from home, individuals are now actively seeking ways to follow their bliss in the same manner as well.

Music is a much-favoured pursuit because it helps in strengthening bonds, enhances memory and reading skills; it also improves mathematical ability and focus, along with team spirit among other significant qualities needed in leading a happy, successful life.

For serious music aficionados, learning requires tutelage from renowned experts and this is easier said than done in the current scenario. Enter OCTAVEZ, a virtual platform that connects global music gurus and students who are separated by huge geographical distances and time zones.

With a host of luminaries, low bandwidth requirement and learn anytime – anywhere concept, OCTAVEZ facilitates your preferred specialisation, be it vocal or instrumental, Indian or western, making it possible to learn it wherever you are, whenever you want it.

A panel of maestros straddling different spheres of the music universe who have spent their life perfecting their chosen art and are inclined to pass on their experience and expertise to students form the mentor’s guild of OCTAVEZ.

These mentors include stalwarts like Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma (dodda shivu), Praveen D Rao, Srinivasachar Dammur (Guitar Srinivas), N S Prasad (Mandolin Prasad), Arun Kumar, Shadrach Solomon, Srinivasa Prasad Madhusudana (Tabla Madhu), Pramath Kiran, Sandeep Vasishta, Konnakkol Somashekar Jois, Varijashree Venugopal, Mangala Ravi and Ohileshwari

With the best of musicians and an array of courses offered such as Mridanga, Acoustic Guitar, Latin Percussions, Keyboard, Music Lab for Applied Music, Acoustic Drum, Flute, Tabla, Mandolin, Konnakkol, Sugama Sangeeta and Carnatic Classical Vocal, one can choose from not one, not two, not a handful, but an extensive range of categories.

Ravi Krishnamurthy, emphasises, “While connecting with such maestros is a difficult proposition, accessing them for lessons is an altogether different challenge. OCTAVEZ provides truly contactless music learning from a galaxy of stars to enthusiasts across the globe at one’s preferred pace with a progressive approach. The lessons are delivered to each learner individually with any time, any place access, which means there is no restricting ‘schedule’, only the freedom to choose when and where. OCTAVEZ does not require the learner and the mentor to be face to face on a given day at a specified time for a set duration, be it for learning lessons or assessment and feedback, so there is scope for maximum learning with minimum fuss.”

“OCTAVEZ connects students with an impressive line-up of maestros, globally acknowledged stars in each of the music categories, who conduct those sessions. All OCTAVEZ mentors are world renowned, globe trotting accomplished musicians with over 22000 hours of personal mentoring experience. They are well-known, distinguished, active performers of international repute, chosen on their skill levels and experience,” he adds.

OCTAVEZ recently powered the Someyochane Series of digital live concerts, bringing great artists of repute and their performances to their fans even during the COVID-19 crisis, enabling them to savour the melodious music in the comfort of their residences. The artists had a rare opportunity to perform live and monetize their contributions in the field of music at a time when lockdown restrictions had brought conventional musical events to a halt. The entire donations and other revenue accrued went to the performing artists and artist fund and OCTAVEZ has also pledged that a considerable portion of revenue accrued from music course subscriptions will be allocated to artists’ welfare. The online concert saw thousands of viewers tune in on a memorable Sunday!

OCTAVEZ is the brainchild and creation of Global Performing Arts Academy (GPAA), a Bangalore-based group of Performing Arts enthusiasts. Founded by a group of friends coming together to take Performing Arts to the people, GPAA endeavours to make Performing Arts accessible to all Arts lovers and enthusiasts across the globe across ages.

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