Focus, Composition, and Capture

Focus, Composition, and Capture

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Photography is the newest language in the country that is accepted by people regardless of their regions and cultures.

Photography is no longer a mere hobby. From being a pass time to a serious career, photography has evolved through the years. It has become one of the important career choices for budding visual artists as well as for professionals from various other fields. With the number of enthusiasts growing tremendously in the field, here are five budding photographers who have exposed their skills in the lucrative profession of Photography.

Anupam Diwan

The 25 year old from Pune makes us wonder about the reality itself through his photography. Being from an Engineering background, Anupam has always been interested in experimenting with things. Once the art of photography kindled an interest in his mind, he started experimenting profusely with the element of light and shadows. All his photographs are based on the concepts of surrealism, making us question our own perspectives. This budding photographer is the pioneer of Surrealistic Photography in India.

Aishwarya Arumbakkam

“When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes, but when you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls”. Nothing could be a better example for this quote than Aishwarya Armbakkam’s works. Capturing everything in black and white, Aishwarya intrigues your soul through her pictures. Her photographs talk for themselves and somehow make you emotionally connected to it. You see a very passionately constructed composition based on the historical myths, and architecture.

Anurag Banerjee  

Definitely he is not just another photographer in love with Bombay. Each of his work has so much detailing beyond photography; there is a bit of travel, bit of mystery, memory, elements of surprise and a montage effect that will give an effect of a narration. All he needs is a key light and fill light from which he could create magical frames. With all the potential to be the countries best photojournalist, Anurag hunts his frames down in the busy streets of Bombay.

Tufail Ahmed

From a fashion enthusiast to one of the best young minds in the field of fashion photography, Tufail has come a long way. Owing his devotion to fashion, this lens-man is all about artistic endeavors and creative ideas. Being the most competitive industry, this Chennai- based photographer turned himself into an entrepreneur at a very small age. He owns one of the well-known media houses in Chennai and Bangalore named ‘CORLUZ’, exploring and providing professional and creative media services including advertising, commercial designing, VFX and music.

Paras Kannaujia

Though there has been a tremendous change and evolution in the field of photography, reason for the invention of camera as always been the same – ‘To capture a moment for lifetime’. Paras is one of those evolving wedding photographer who has understood the value of preserving memories through the lens. Brilliant composition skills, innovative approach and creative ideas has made Paras’ photography one of the best in the field within a short period of time. From traditions and rituals to portraits, the Lucknow-based photographer is all about perfecting your wedding album.

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