The Pink Post Inc.


The Pink Post Inc.

Sharnamli Mehra Adhar, a multi-tasking person, who plays the roles of being a mother and a businesswoman, and Mitali Wadhwa, a hardworking woman, always trying to expand her business started a brand named “The Pink Post Inc” using all their exposure, creativity, knowledge and experience. The Pink Post Inc is a luxurious platform for sellers and buyers in the field of fashion and lifestyle. They are the Co-Founders and Creative Directors of The Post Pink Inc.

Today, The Pink Post Inc has become a brand synonymous with novel experience-based events, discovering young, fresh talent, and social media marketing in the field of fashion, luxury and lifestyle.

One such event was organised on the 15th of September, 2018 in the Taj Westend, Race Course Road, and when there’s ‘The Pink Post Inc.’, The has to cover it. It’s always a delight to enter this property by Taj, which is filled with lush green plants, giving us an out-of-the-town feeling by sending across tranquil vibes.

A few of my favorite stalls for this event were

1) Devanagari

Sophistication, elegance and simplicity are the words that resonate in my mind when I see their designs. I’ve been following their work for a while and I was overjoyed to finally meet with them in real. The target crowd for their garments are independent women who are free-spirited.

2) Rom by Gauri Gosain

Rom is a fusion-wear brand that is filled with contemporary ensembles, draws attention of young girls. Gauri’s garments are very different and fun to style. When you walk into a room wearing her garment, you can be rest assured that you’ll be getting a few head turns.

3) Hamster London

Best stationery? HAMSTER! All you stationery lovers out there, give me a high five. I drool over pretty craft materials as much as I drool over a sumptuous dessert.

They have such creative staplers, to-do lists, tape dispensers, geometric printed bottles, etc., the best one being their glossy silver bag.

4) Numame by Manisha Mehta

Manisha, a curator of designer jewelry, is a charming young woman who juggles between work and being a mother. She has jewelry that are meant to create a statement, and can be paired with all sorts of outfits.

5) House of Eda

Eda, a brand by Sagar Sarna, lays emphasis on creating garments that may be girly or glam, quirky or casual, irrespective of which, they are meant to make you look fabulous. Pick whatever pleases you and have faith in Sagar to make you appear chic.

Sagar Sarna’s beautiful wife, Marketing Head, House of Eda, wearing one of his standout pieces. (Psst, Isn’t she the most apt person for this post? 😉 The loves this duo!)

6) SUI by Sue MUe

Mahima Gujral, a passionate woman, loves building her connections on her way to conquering the fashion world. She has been accustomed to custom made fashion and thus, merges her love for travel with her taste of fashion.

She had displayed a stall at the event bearing outfits made out of hemp as she is a nature lover and believes in the sustainability aspect of the garment.

7) Zip [it] up by Aparna Agarwal

Hey, denim lovers! This is the brand you should be looking for. They have all things denim. Unlike the usual denims you find, these guys are super stretchable and have a lot of size variants in them. All the detailing on their denims is done by hand, making it durable.

8) Cinderella by Heena Yusuf

Like the name suggests, this brand produces designer footwear that will make any girl feel like a Cinderella. They have such fun patterns and vibrant colors that will make you scream out loud in joy. They’ve got footwear for all your outfit needs — classy, pointy, round, ethnic, frills, etc.

Were you at the event, too? What stall did you like most? We strongly recommend The Pink Post Inc. events. The events that never cease to amaze us as they are so well organised and bring to us a great shopping platform with different brands under one roof. Hope to see you at the future events!


Photographer and written by Shainika Reddy —



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