Swimsuit Trends Spring-Summer Collection 2019


Swimsuit Trends Spring-Summer Collection 2019

Here is a technical breakdown of the swimsuit trends you can expect to be big in Summer 2019.

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Spring breakout: Orange

Most familiar looking color this season, not only because it’s bright and vibrant also because you’re seeing is mostly everywhere, is the color Orange. Convincing to say that with the orange color, you will just look amazing or better, in your swimwear department.

Swimsuit trends spring summer 2019


We are back: The Metallics

Metallics, generally, have the tendency to exude a look that is tacky or cheesy. This is until our favorite designers showed us on how to do breath fresh air into this shiny fabric.

Swimsuit trends spring summer 2019


All ties

While we are quite used to swimsuit that has to be tied in the back, this new trend has a twist. New small ties and bows are the trendsetter in the swimwear section, and they are really cute, which says it all!

Swimsuit trends spring summer 2019


Animal prints

The prints are rolling into the swimwear section ranging from zebra prints to the leopard print. These were the talk of the town at NYFW.

Swimsuit trends spring summer 2019


The high cuts

High Cuts has been trending for a couple of seasons, and it is still running strong. These are designed to lengthen and elongate, and  look amazing on all body types.

Swimsuit trends spring summer 2019


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