Reflecting on modern day relationships


Being Theatre Productions’ staged Aaina…Zindagi ka at Rangoli Metro Art Centre

‘Being Theatre Productions in association with JD Institute of Fashion Technology staged a play recently named Aaina…Zindagi ka, at Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Rangasthala, that derives its inspiration from the iconic movie from the 70s named ‘Bawarchi’. The play is based on the idea about how one man changes the squabbling environment of a family by iterating on the importance of communication and respecting one another’s emotions. In today’s world, where hate speech, angry tweets, and intolerance presides over humanity, the essence of appreciating and feeling appreciated has been subdued in totality.

Dating apps in dozens are considered the foundations of building a relationship today and the traditional aspects of trust, respect, and love have been overshadowed. Our society is in desperate need of someone that can re-iterate the importance of emotions and value of love to this materialistic world. We all need a ‘Brahmanad’ – the character in ‘Aaina…Zindagi ka’ who teaches the value of acknowledgment and appreciation in our life and encourages us to revisit our relationship under the light of respect.

Aaina…Zindagi ka sheds light on the inconsequential race of surviving which leaves no scope for love and no convenience for sustaining a relationship. Through this play, Being Theatre Productions have raised enough questions for people to reconsider the way they look at relationships and reflect on the importance of appreciation in our ephemeral life.

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