Have You Seen The Latest Memes From GOT? Well Don’t Worry, We Got Your Back


Have you seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones season 8 yet? Well, if not this will spoil everything for you.

Episode 5 of Game of Thrones season 8 is out and thanks to the writers, their names are on the first place of the bad writers on Internet now. The episode was a big bummer which disappointed almost all the viewers of the show.

The Reddit community is celebrating the new episodes of GOT with the funniest memes you can ever find. The memes include all the spoilers in these episodes which will make you laugh hard. Here are the top 25 memes you will enjoy from Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5.

  1. Well, I Couldn’t Agree More.

2. Got – A Summery.

3. That’s right, after all the hard works of successfully wasting hundreds of hours to make numerous theories about how will Cersei die, the writers smashed her like a bug without any second thought.

4. Well Done.


5. Thank God, Only One More Episode To Go.


6. Well, There Is Nothing Much To Say.


7. Obviously Not A Great Idea. 



8. Will See…



9. You’re Not You When You Are Angry.



10. So That Was It All About?



11. Here You Go.



12.  Had She Never Heard Bells Before?





13. Babe Is Mad



14. Now I Know Why Cersei Needed The Elephants.



15. Well, That’s Kind Of Cool.



16. May Be Or May Be Not.



17. Don’t Let Small Details Ruin This Long Awaited Reunion.



18. Worst Of the Worst.



19.  Correct Metaphor For The Viewes Watching The Show.



20.  Meanwhile At Winterfell. Let’s Paartyyy…



21.  Does Anyone Need More Coffee?



22.  Meanwhile In The North.



23.  What Else To Say.



24.  Me After Watching The 4th And 5th Episodes Of GOT.



25.  You Can’t Stop Me From That.


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