Quick easy tips to make your wardrobe sustainable


In this age of fast fashion, a capsule wardrobe is required for a sustainable wardrobe

Fashion industry is one of the highest polluting industries today. Only about 25-35% of the entire garment industry is focusing on recycling and upcycling.

Thankfully, the awareness is growing and there is a shift in the industry towards going green, saving the ecosystem, slow fashion, reusable fashion and making conscious decisions.

Quick easy tips to make your wardrobe sustainable

Sustainability is a vast subject and everybody has their own opinions. The easiest way out is probably to buy less! Buying less has a significant effect on the ecosystem. Buying less and making a conscious decision while buying helps in a lot of ways. Also, styling the existing garments gives the garments a second life and charm. In India, we have plenty of tailors and easy accessibility to them as who can not only design the garments, but also change the shape and look of the garment.

Having a simple capsule break down also adds a lot of advantage to your decision making. For example, if you decide to fix at 40 pieces of garments in your wardrobe, you can break them down into sets of 10 for multiple purposes.

  • 10 tops (few pair with multiple occasions)
  • 10 bottoms (different type based on the occasion)
  • 5-6 dresses (both formal and casual)
  • 5 pairs of footwear (both comfortable shoes and heels)
  • 5 jackets and shrugs (if need be)

It is important to segregate to help you choose and reuse them. Wearing pre-owned pieces is also not wrong or swap with friends. There’s no harm in giving them a different look and reusing them.

While buying a garment it’s also good to be sure as to how you want to use them and what are the multiple ways you can wear them.

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