Pride Circle – India’s First LGBTI Intercompany Forum


India’s first LGBTI Intercompany Forum allows individuals & organisations to come out and embark on their pride journey? The Pride Circle is an initiative to build a community of passionate individuals working in the space of LGBT+ inclusion at the workplaces in India. Here are some more details about the Pride Circle.

The company was started by Srini and Ram, the two award-winning D&I professionals with global recognition to bring diverse stakeholders under one roof. Pride Circle provides everything for the growth of the LGBT+ community including hiring and placements to webinars, meetups, counseling and more.

They also started a series of webinars from March 13 to help organisations bring LGBT+ inclusion to their workplace with a total of six webinars every Wednesday from 11 am to 12 pm.

Pride Circle provides the place to converse on the challenges and opportunities and also the place to listen and learn from multiple perspectives, ideate and execute, to make a collective change in the world. The group holds regular meetups and provides space for individuals and organisations to come out and embark on their pride journey. The meetups are a safe space for expression, celebrate humanness, embrace vulnerability, and to collectively think and be the change maker of tomorrow. Pride Circle also has its own WhatsApp group in various cities in India.

Let’s spread the word and hope for a better Nation for LGBTI.

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