Stunning Peepal leaf accessories from Aralikale Leaf Art


Aralikale Leaf Art.

This place is for those looking for some stunning accessories online made from the gifts of nature, including stones, leaves and more. Aralikale Leaf Art in Jayanagar, Bangalore, is where you will find some unique treasures to spruce up your home.

Aralikale Leaf Art.

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Jagadish, the owner of the store is known for his amazing Peepal leaf art. He started this to convert waste into something useful. He has everything from photo frames to lampshades, trays and even some earrings made from these leaves. The leaves dyed in pretty pastels using organic sources like beets and coffee and it takes almost three months to make them. The hanging bird lamps and the Peepal leaf earrings are mind blowing. He also has some amazing coin earrings, which make for perfect personalised gifts, as they can be customised with your birth year.

Aralikale Leaf Art.

The store also has some stunning lampshades customised with a few types of leaves. The coasters, dashboard accessories, business cards and clocks are also attractive. You can shop for products on their Facebook page or visit their store on Kanakapura Road in Bangalore.

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