Heard of the Pizza Pani Puri at Gullu’s Chaat?


Everyone has a rare combination of food that they enjoy. Here’s one more item to add to the list. A plate of Pani Puri Pizza is what we found. The dish is a combination of authentic Indian spicy street food Pani Puri and the delicious pizza that everyone loves.

Pani Puri Pizza

Gully’s Chaat in Seshadripuram is the perfect place to go to. The great Italian pizza with a twist of Indian spices and chutneys is what keeps attracting many chaat lovers to this place.


The special Pani Puri Pizza comes with stuffed veggies, spicy, tangy tomato sauce and the crunchy element comes from the Pani Puri shells that enhance the taste of the pizza.


They also have some classic chaats like Floating Pani Puri, Bun Nippat Masala or the seasonal Mango Bhel that are already a favourite of many.

Where: Gullu’s Chaat, Kumara Park West, Seshadripuram, Bangalore.

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