Wanna Learn Some Ancient Chinese Martial Art Tai Chi


Ancient Chinese Martial Art

Are you too bored of doing yoga every day? Or hitting on the gym and doing some heavy workout is killing your body and mind? Well, it’s time for a change. The ancient Chinese martial art form Tai Chi or Tàijí quán will get you into shape. This ancient Chinese art was practised by warriors in a limited space. The slow movements of the body teamed with different breathing techniques will help you build strength, flexibility, mobility and stability. Sounds cool right?

Ancient Chinese Martial Art

You must be wondering where I can find a perfect place in Bangalore to practice this awesome martial art. Well, it’s time to head to Vital Force Taichi Academy to give it a shot.

Ancient Chinese Martial Art

The place offers more than Tai Chi like Qigong more leaning towards meditational and health benefits more than strength. The Qigong learning will also help you to get better in Tai Chi. The academy offers classes across different areas in Bangalore. The classes more often happens inside Cubbon Park and also at Indiranagar, Vasanthnagar and Cooke Town. Aqua Tai Chi is also offered by Vital Force at Catholic Club in Ashok Nagar.

Address: – Vital Force Academy, Montfort Spirituality Center, 184, Swamy Vivekananda Road, Indira Nagar

Price: – 7000 for three months



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