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Matte lips, formerly the undisputed pout master, are taking a royal nap. Gloss, the glittering queen of shine, has supplanted them. Forget flat color and powdered finishes; now it’s all about juicy brilliance and eye-catching vitality. La Mior introduces you to a world where makeup and skincare mix, enhancing your natural beauty. They believe in comfort and confidence, thus crafting nourishing cosmetics with pure, natural components sourced from nature’s abundance.

Each application is like a small skincare ritual, nourishing your skin with superfood nutrients. Beyond makeup, La Mior celebrates your true beauty both inside and out. La Mior streamlines your regimen with simple, timeless elegance, allowing your skin to thrive beneath the hues. La Mior offers a voyage of self-love and radiant confidence, not just looking nice.

  • Juicy tinted lip oil

La Mior multi-purpose juicy tinted lip oil is a fruity treat for your lips, packed with nourishing superfoods including peach, watermelon, and mango butter. Its juicy gel-to-oil composition glides on, leaving a glossy, buildable hue that lasts all day without fading. Lips remain smooth, plump, and healthy owing to the nourishing combination and a flexible applicator that glides on for easy, precise application. This lightweight oil made with Superfood Blend of Peach, Watermelon, Strawberry, Mulberry, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, available in a variety of wearable hues, instantly relieves dryness and leaves you with a soft, blurred pout. Go subtle or strong; the option is yours. After one taste of this delicious lip oil, you’ll be obsessed. 

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  • Only For You Adaptive Lip Tint

La Mior advance product , Only For You Adaptive Lip Tint, transforms from black to a stunning and distinct pink hue that is unique to each user. This clever and magical lip oil produces a distinct shade of pink according on your pi and body temperature. The super nourishing and lightweight mixture contains the best lip nourishing oils, including Jojoba, Almond, Rosehip, Walnut, Squalene, and Saffron. Heals and moisturizes lips all day with a high-shine, non-sticky gloss.

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Embrace your natural beauty and join the La Mior movement. Consider vibrant dewy lips that reflect the sun like a sparkling lagoon. Gloss not only provides color to the lips, but it also shapes, enhances, and softens them.

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