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In recent years, the male grooming industry has experienced significant growth and expansion, with men becoming more open to experiment and expand their grooming routines. Driven by changing consumer attitudes, technological advancements, and a growing emphasis on self-care and personalised products. As the market continues to expand, it is expected that men will increasingly embrace a holistic approach to grooming.  The emphasis on self-care and minimalism is expected to shape the male grooming landscape in 2024, with men seeking core, evidence-based products for their grooming routines.

Male grooming Beauty trends for men include skin care and styling

Streamlined Skincare Trends: Men are increasingly gravitating towards minimalist skincare routines, favouring fewer products that offer multiple benefits. This approach involves opting for multifunctional products, such as all-in-one cleansers and moisturisers, aligning with the desire for simplicity and efficiency in grooming habits. The demand for facials and clean-ups that provide multifunctional benefits is also on the rise.


Tech-Driven Solutions: Technologically advanced skincare solutions, such as hydra facials and treatments based on microcurrents, are gaining popularity among men. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology appeals to those seeking efficient and effective skincare regimens that go beyond traditional approaches.

Advanced Skincare Ingredients: Men are recognising the importance of a comprehensive skincare routine that includes advanced skincare ingredients. This trend signifies a shift towards incorporating products that address specific skin concerns, showcasing a growing awareness of the health benefits associated with diligent skincare practices.

Male grooming Beauty trends for men include skin care and styling

Luxurious Rituals for Feet and Hands: A noteworthy trend in men’s skincare is the attention given to feet and hand care, evolving into a luxurious male grooming ritual. This emphasis reflects a holistic approach to skincare, extending beyond facial concerns to encompass overall well-being.

Male grooming Beauty trends for men include skin care and styling


Sustainable Skincare Choices: Men are increasingly showing interest in sustainable packaging and skincare products. This eco-conscious trend highlights a growing awareness of the environmental impact of skincare choices, with individuals seeking products aligned with their commitment to sustainability.

Male grooming Beauty trends for men include skin care and styling


Grooming Beyond the Face: The grooming landscape for men is expanding, with some embracing grooming practices such as waxing and threading. This indicates a broader acceptance of various grooming techniques beyond traditional norms, emphasising personal preferences and diverse grooming habits among men.

Male grooming Beauty trends for men include skin care and styling


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