L’Oréal Paris to become the Future Of Beauty Tech Powerhouse


L'Oréal Paris to become the Future Of Beauty Tech Powerhouse

L’Oréal Paris, a global leader in beauty, saw that AI could revolutionise the way that customers engage with beauty businesses and products. Artificial intelligence is being adapted by the beauty industry to improve client experiences as technology continues to invade every part of our lives. In the digital age, the AI Chatbot Beauty Advisor offers a progressive method for providing individualized beauty advice.

The entry of L’Oréal Paris into the world of technology has not gone unnoticed. The business has received nine CES Innovation Awards, demonstrating its commitment to expanding the frontiers of innovation in the cosmetics industry. The L’Oréal CES 2024 keynote sought to demonstrate how the company’s use of technology supports its objective to satisfy customer needs and offer unmatched beauty experiences.

The CEO of L’Oréal Paris, Nicolas Hieronimus, took centre stage to highlight the company’s technological advancements. He mentioned, “We focused primarily on how the technological revolution ensures corporate success on digital, virtual, and physical platforms.”

The company has been using technology to fulfil consumer interests; this is evidence of their commitment to innovation. They have been honoured with nine CES Innovation Awards.

L’Oréal Paris is committed to leading the beauty tech industry and creating the beauty of the future. To that end, they never stop inventing. Known for being a nine-time recipient of the CES Innovation Award, L’Oréal Paris keynote strives to highlight the critical role that inclusive, sustainable, and accessible beauty technology plays in promoting good effects on an individual and a community level.

The presentation featured a spectrum of technologies, ranging from a sustainable showerhead utilising rocket technology to conserve water to AI-powered smartphone applications delivering personalised skincare assistance and augmented reality beauty try-ons. In addition, the keynote address will explore novel codes and ways to communicate beauty in virtual settings.

L’Oréal Paris attendance at CES 2024 is a testament to its dedication to leading the way in innovative beauty products. The company envisions a future where beauty is inclusive, sustainable, and technologically advanced, allowing boundless opportunities for self-expression and discovery.

L’Oréal Paris hopes to address the requirements of today’s consumers and set the stage for future revolutions in the beauty business through the integration of AI and technology.


By: Samanvitha Rao 

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