JD Annual Design Award 2019 Day 2


Day two of The JD Annual Design Awards 2019 began on the momentum and buzz that was set ablaze by Day 1 here at the Lalit Ashok Bangalore and was kick started with the award presentation for the interior design and photography exhibition from day 1. This was followed by the fashion show spread across two segments attended by some of the biggest names in the industry from designers Manoviraj Khosla, Divya Badra Das, Padmaraj Kesari and Amith Pandya to bloggers including Shweta Pal and Kabir Pandit.

The theme for the Awards was ‘Curator’ which showcased an array of authentic designer collections that ranged across avant-garde, retail, active wear pret wear and so on for all age groups from little kids to senior citizens. While sustainability – ‘the nature of maintaining the change in a balanced environment’ being the predominant part of most collections, the budding curators brought in highly innovative strategies by using unique technology as well as weaving processes as tools for the manufacturing methods to merge fabrics, materials, and embroidery like fish scales leftover threads from retail units that were unconventional and truly one of a kind.

The garments narrated stories rooted in history and culture like Judaism and Pop Art without losing its contemporary appeal. “Months of hard work went into making our designs come true, the feeling is surreal and I’m so grateful to our faculty and management we couldn’t have found better mentors”, said Kajal, a student designer herself.

The event came to a close on an absolute high note with the distribution of awards to the winning designers for both fashions as well as jewelry design across categories like best retail, best pret, most innovative, best experimental and best execution.

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