Gut health directly proportional to the health of your skin


Gut health

Having good gut health means having healthy bacteria which is needed for the body. Skin acts as a mirror. It immediately shows up if anything is not right internally. The surface of the skin says a lot about one’s health. Acne, pimples or blemishes, rashes, the texture of the skin all of them are directly proportional to your intake of food.

For healthy, good and lustrous skin, food is most important. As they say, Happy gut = Happy skin.

The first signs of things not being great internally shows up first on the largest part of the organ, AKA skin. Having an imbalanced diet affects the health of the skin, the skin starts appearing dull and dehydrated.

Food that affects the gut

Artificial sweetener is a complete no-no and so are aerated drinks, alcohol, processed meat and red meat. The gut needs a good amount of fiber rich food like fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber content. Gut bacteria feeds on fiber. If the meal consumed is fiber less, then it isn’t ideal for the gut.

Gut health

The right food for good gut health

Right kind of food solves a lot of problems. Right kind of food includes a good proportion of proteins, fiber, minerals, carbohydrates. These have to be incorporated into everyday diet for a healthy diet and good gut condition.

Including prebiotics and probiotics is recommended in everyday diet. Probiotics include yogurt and pickled food that have good bacteria, needed for our body to function rightly. Prebiotic includes broccoli, banana, apple, onions and garlic to name a few.

Gut health


Hydrating yourself is one of the key factors to help in keeping your health good. Having eight glasses of water everyday helps in keeping body ph levels right and also helps in maintaining clear skin by washing away all the unnecessary toxins from the body.

To have good and healthy skin you need not try too hard. Work on a good diet for a good gut and you will get flawless skin.

Gut health

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