A garage turned into an Asian restaurant in Indiranagar?

A garage turned into an Asian restaurant in Indiranagar?


A garage turned into an Asian restaurant in Indiranagar?

A Pan-Asian Joint mainly concentrating on Korean and Japanese cuisine will surprise as it did us !!Pan- Asian cuisine is wildly popular among the residents in Bangalore. The authenticity of the restaurants and the food is something which is very hard to crack especially when it come to the Pan-Asian Cuisine. Koreans and Japanese have a very culturally and locally-driven authenticated food which makes it even more difficult to run it in Bangalore as obviously it is not a city close to the ocean to source the fresh seafood  locally.

Taiki specializes in Japanese and Korean cuisine and sources all their ingredients from the local vendors from respectful countries. They try to keep it simple concentrating on what the main ingredient is and making it the hero. The starters overwhelmingly good, we tried kkanpunggi, Sampler Nilgiri set, Thai style Grilled Vegetable with peanut sauce, Uramaki Tempura roll, Yum Woonsen chicken, Sichuan Chilli fish, Exotic mushroom Gyoza followed by Chicken Ramen and Bibimbap Fried tofu.

The salmon and tuna in the sushi were very fresh and you might expect to have an odor or a chew it didn’t have both. One of the best  Nigiri sushi we have had it was fresh and the quality of the rice itself was appreciative. Another favorite was the Chicken ramen the flavor was out of this world it was definitely the perfect bowl of ramen on a rainy day.

For drinks, it was a berry flavor cold Matcha and hot Matcha which was very authentic again they didn’t try compensating the flavor in any way. To conclude founders ApekshaKamanth and KrishNayak have thought well and curated the place and the menu which leads the restaurant to be authentic, Tasty and most importantly they do not have over the top pricing.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Authenticity: 4/5

It is located in the Indiranagar 100 ft road and right next to La Cave.

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