Gucci Selling Dirty Sneakers for Rs.70000! Trend Catches Up on Other Designer brands


Gucci Selling Dirty Sneakers for Rs.70000! Trend Catches Up on Other Designer Brands

Twitter shot up with sarcastic tweets when people heard about Gucci selling dirty shoes called Vintage.

Gucci, one of the top designer brands in the world, is drawing attention in social media for their new range of sneakers which they refer to as Vintage. The Product has the brand’s main features red and green stripes and Gucci imprinted on it. Ironically, they also have a strict care measure to take care of their pre-distressed shoes.

The Price definitely raised eyebrows and twitter comments online, the Price range of the product is from Rs 56,200 to Rs 63,300.

The luxury fashion label is also selling Tennis shoes, dubbed the Ryton, which has a similar distressed look. This trend is not new, Reebok collaborated with Vetements in Spring 2017, as well as Balenciaga’s Fall 2017 Men’s collection, all looked like they were dipped in tea.

People questioned the purpose of this collection launched by Gucci. Many also referred to it as “commercializing poverty”.  As we buy a product spending a lot of money, we expect the product to be clean and shiny. This lead to an outcry among people, and it raised a question about the brand’s think tank.

On the other hand, hipsters accepted these products without any hesitation.

Footwear largely signifies personalities. We have often come across the quote “You can always tell a lot about the person from their shoes”. The is  a research which found that having neat and tidy shoes tends to correlate to a person being anxious or politically conservative. Hence, donning dirty shoes on the runway or selling them might be an effort to portray an image of being calm, and politically liberal.




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