Get ‘glass skin’ with five healthy & realistic beauty mantras


Glass Skin, trending Korean skincare is making people across the globe want to achieve skin with a flawless and translucent crystal-like shine that actually reflects light. Yes, you’ve read that right.

Get ‘glass skin’ with five healthy & realistic beauty mantras

If you are a K-Drama fan, you must have noticed how radiant and poreless your favorite actor’s skin looks. Well, maybe it’s glass skin makeup or maybe there is more to it.

You must have wondered the secret behind their flawless skin, do they have a soup recipe passed on by their ancestors, are their genes on top of the game, or is it seaweed?

Glass skin is when your skin is at its very healthiest, inside out! 

Before you divine into the whole skincare routine, you need to be realistic and know that nothing comes easy or there is clearly no shortcut to healthy skin, not even to natural glass skin!

Having said that, apart from makeup there are various external factors to achieve healthy and glowing skin like weather conditions, genetics makeup, diet and health factors.

So comparing your skin type to people from any other part of the world is unrealistic. Even if several skin oils and makeup brands might promise you glass skin, the truth is healthy glass skin doesn’t appear overnight.

What exactly is the natural skincare mantra for natural glass skin?

Get ‘glass skin’ with five healthy & realistic beauty mantras

Your skin type: 

What exactly is your skin type? Are you using the right products or are you just following influencer trends? Understand your skin type and follow a consistent routine so it can help your skin.

Your Skin condition: 

Apart from skin type, do you have a skin condition you need to medically address? If yes then taking expert dermatologist advice is the best rather than experimenting with trendy products.

Reading and researching is the key:

Get ‘glass skin’ with five healthy & realistic beauty mantras

The product might look glossy and appealing but what goes into it? Check out the ingredients on the label behind and stay away from harsh chemicals that are not skin-friendly.

With an array of attractive products online, we tend to pick what is more resonably priced and in vogue. It is always better to read the reviews and cross-check with your dermatologist before you pick the products.

Make your own skincare routine

Everyone abides by the CTM routine, but what skincare routine suits you?

It is always better to have a customized routine that is easier for you to practice every day. Don’t go for routines that are exhaustive in nature and difficult to follow on a regular basis. Remember consistency is the key.

Not just about external care

Get ‘glass skin’ with five healthy & realistic beauty mantras

Diet, nutrition and exercise can impact your skin in endless ways. Stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet and sweat it out regularly. In case of certain health conditions that need to be addressed, seek help from your doctor.

Get ‘glass skin’ with five healthy & realistic beauty mantras

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