Gadgets to Lookout for in 2018


Gadgets to Lookout for in 2018

It’s 2018, and it’s impossible for a person to live without technology and gadgets for a well-rounded life. Some may be necessary, but the whole lot of them invented recently are for pleasure and comfort.

We live in a time where the newer and more advanced your gadgets are, the higher and more class you have. Here are some of the most famous gadgets invented this year:



The new Samsung C-Lab project called S-Ray lets you listen to your devices without disturbing others by beaming sound straight into your ears. This technology can be used with a number of different devices including a Bluetooth speaker, a phone cover and a personal neckband. The technology is a bit like the Bose SoundWear, except other people can hear the SoundWear while you’re listening to it.



Ubtech is a China-based robotics company that sells a wide range of home and toy robots. Their new invention, Walker is supposed to be a “complete home butler,” which mostly means it can patrol your home, act as a calendar and email assistant, and play a slow game of soccer with your kids. This will be available for the public worldwide in 2019. It is also the world’s first biped robot of its kind.



Do you have trouble in sleeping? Well then there is a solution to it. The Phillips new smart sleep headband is the clinically proven wearable solution for consumers and promises to improve the quality of sleep. The device has two small built-in sensors that connect to your forehead and goes behind your ears to monitor brain activity. On detecting deep sleep, the technology will start playing white noise in a slowing repeating pattern.  If you are staying in a noisy environment, then this device helps you to have a good night sleep.




The Beauty and Makeup Brand L’Oreal has come up with a wearable sensor to measure individual UV exposure that can store three months of data together. This UV sense is less than two millimeters thick, nine millimeters in diameter and designed to be work for up to two weeks on the thumbnail. It is designed for people to take more notice of sun safety and in turn reduce the risk of skin cancer. The sensor also provides the user with information, from facts of sun safety, to the warnings one must need to consider.



Samsung known for its technological innovations and strange product ideas recently unveiled – “The Wall” world’s first consumer modular micro LED 146 – inch TV. It is self- emitting televisions with micrometer scale LEDs which are much smaller than current LED’s, and serve as their own source of light. Its micro LED technology excels without color filters and back-light and provides ultimate viewing experience for all.




It is the “world’s first-driving carry- on”, and features an array of advanced tech, including a 170-degree wide-angle lens and built-in facial recognition software.  This suitcase combines the self-driving tech with facial recognition and camera AI smarts, put it on a carry-on suitcase, and you have yourself the CX-1. It is a hands-free autonomous carry-on luggage that follows around like a puppy.

Article was written by AISHWARYA.S.R


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