7 Mouthwatering Sweets You Should Try this Dusshera


7 Mouthwatering Sweets You Should Try this Dusshera

India is a place where you will not only find multi languages and cultures, but also multiple tastes of different regions across. India is more than its incredible architectural beauty, beckons you to experience something more—mouth-watering, delectable cuisine indigenous to various regions.

When it comes to festive season and mood, this country always has its own way of celebrating with amazing delight taste of heart with all indigenous processes involved.

What are we waiting for? let’s have a look across the delicious sweets of Dussehra that you must try.



Besan ladoo is one of the most well known common sweets of Dussehra. But the festive mood is not fun without this amazing dish. It is made of gram flour, powdered sugar and ghee. It is an easy and famous sweet made all over India.



A sweet and soft chewy treat made with the royalty of coconut and khoya. The taste is perfect with the pinch of badam and elaichi, tasty enough to make your day wonderful. It’s one of the best sweet to greet your guests with.



Sandesh is made from fresh crumbled paneer, milk, powdered sugar and cardamom. These four ingredients and this Bengali sweet have lots of fan following. To make it for best serving dessert, just add some pistachios or cashew nuts.



A healthy and sweet snack, you can’t wait to have it. Oats dry fruit ladoo is sugar-free and gluten-free and it is healthy because it doesn’t require a lot of sugar and oil for its preparation. To make it tastier you can add dry fruits like dates, flax seeds, nuts and even sesame seeds.



Phirni is another type of milk pudding and is mainly served in mud pots. The taste of phirni is so yum that you can’t resist yourself for the second round. Rice flour, milk, pistachio, cardamom powder and sugar is all you need to prepare this lovely dessert.



It is such an amazing feeling, like imagine, having two delicious sweet in one serving. Just WOW! This is such an amazingly wonderful way to welcome your day and your guests. Motichoor laddo with rabri is an interesting way to serve dessert with warmed dipped in cold and creamy homemade rabri.



Try this new and tasty sweet on this Dussehra. Coconut and khoya are rolled into an interesting sweet flavored with saffron.


These Wonderful and Delicious Sweets will Make your Dusshera more Special. Try This at Home and Enjoy this Festive Mood.



written by: Simran Gupta

Image credit: pinterest.com, ndtv.com


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