Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Inox


Inox, Garuda Mall, Bengaluru

For the first time ever, Inox will screen an Opera on the Silver Screen this Valentine’s Day. The first of many Opera’s that Inox will be bringing to their patrons is Carmen, an Epic Love Story by George Bizet. It is a story of passion and destiny where Carmen, who is a rebellious protagonist explores love and everything that comes with it. Carmen represents a bold, go getter, layered and unapologetic girl who evolves with the plot while retaining her rebellious streak. It is the story of a Gypsy from Seville who is fighting to death for the freedom of love and is directed by renowned director Casper Holten.

The most beloved and most popular opera of all time “Carmen” by George Bizet is a special and extraordinary production, a huge spectacle from the Bergentz festival in Austria is held on the lake shore.

Valentine’s Day

Bringing Carmen, one of the most successful Operas to Indian audiences is yet another step by Inox constantly working towards curating the best for its patrons.

When: Friday, February 14, 2020, 7:15 pm.

Where: Inox, Garuda Mall, Bengaluru.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Inox

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