Hair Care for Coloured Tresses


Blown Salon

Blown Salon on Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore invited a few influencers from Bangalore to try a wash with Infuse My.Colour, a UK-based hair care brand that offers a revolutionary new range of colour infusing shampoos in India and a blow dry.

This range is 100% vegan, silicone, sulphate, ammonia and paraben-free range of shampoos that infuses the hair with vegan colour pigments and refreshes your dull and faded hair colour.

Here’s what you need to know about hair colours…

How does each shade work on a specific hair colour?


o Maintains the brightness of red, red-brown and burgundy coloured hair.

o With light brown hair, it adds rich red tones.

o With bleached blonde hair, it can create striking pinks and with dark brown hair, it infuses a warm red subtle glow.

 COBALT is a pure ash tone

o Designed to neutralise unwanted red or orange tones in coloured hair.

o If used on bleached or highlighted hair, it will produce green or blue tones

o Coloured hair will be kept inky black.

o On dark or light brown coloured hair, it will neutralise the red or orange tones.


o Maintains the brightness of copper, auburn copper brown, copper gold and rose gold coloured hair.

o With light and dark brown coloured hair, it will add a subtle glow or rich auburn tones

o To bleached hair, it will add striking rose gold tones.

GOLD is a cool golden tone

o Adds subtle richness to all warm colours and highlights by putting the sunshine back into washed out blondes.

o With light and dark brown hair, it will either add a gold glow or rich gold tones.

o If the hair is bleached, it will add striking gold tones with a lot of warmth and gloss.


o Neutralises yellow/gold in bleached and lightened hair.

o It maintains the brightness of grey, white, pale blonde and highlighted hair creating beautiful platinum icy effects.

o With bleached hair, it will add platinum tones and cool down the yellow/gold and with already grey hair it will add platinum tones.


o Creates steel like charcoal tones on bleached hair and graphite tones to dark brown to light hair.

o It will also cancel out red/orange tones in brown hair.

o With bleached hair it will add striking charcoal steel tones.

QUARTZ is a soft dusty pink

o Infuses dusty pink champagne tones to light brown to lightened hair.

o On bleached blonde it creates soft dusty pinks with a hint of champagne.

Hair Care for Coloured Tresses

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