Bling it on with the perfect ring selfie!


Your very first diamond ring, whether self-bought or given to you as a promise of love and commitment, deserves its own time in the sun. After all, it reflects a sparkling, reminiscent memory of a happy time in your life that needs to be captured just right for posterity. The trick is in mastering the art of taking that perfect ring selfie that seals the occasion forever and flaunts the diamond in all its glory. A picture says a thousand words. Forevermark’s Guide to help you master the Perfect Ring Selfie and get you ring-selfie ready.

  1. The Angle Tango

The angle can either make or break the selfie, so you need to use the right technique to capture the perfect ring-selfie. To shoot all the beautiful, intricate elements of the diamond and show off its setting, take a side shot of the ring. For a click of the diamond’s shape, a shot from above is ideal. If you have a beautiful diamond on fingers that are grubby or not manicured to perfection, take the picture at an angle that hides your fingers and focuses only on the ring, blurring all the sides.

  1. Light It Right

When you’re photographing a diamond that carries with it the luminescence of a billion years, you want to make sure your ring selfie picks up the right light to match. Shoot your ring selfie in natural, outdoor light letting your diamond reflect it through its many facets. If you’re taking the picture at home, place your ring near the window or any other natural source of light because artificial lighting is a big no-no for a ring selfie. No flashes too, as the diamond will reflect right back and give you over-exposed selfies.

  1. It’s All in the Setting

While your ring is the centre piece of your selfie, you want to add all the elements that make the memory special to your photo. So, choose the right setting to take this selfie. The place where you met, the book that connected you, the hand that is now slipped into yours, the promotion certificate that means the world to you! Use these as the perfect props to your ring selfie and immortalize the memory.

  1. Hashtag Messaging

If you’re going the whole hog sharing your special moment on social media, you need to caption your ring selfie with words that capture your true emotion. #CelebratingForever, or #BetterHalfWithinMe, #DiamondRing, #ISaidYes or #InLove are all beautiful hashtags that let the world connect with what you’re feeling and let everyone know how meaningful this selfie is to you.

  1. Tech It Up

To add the final touches to your selfie and make it stand apart, use some tech know-how on your phones or laptops. For a close-up, move your camera lens and tap the screen to focus on the ring, instead of zooming in on it. To avoid blurry images, use buttons on your headphones to trigger the camera’s shutter, instead of clicking on your phone. Use filters and frames on your phone to bring out the nostalgia you associate with your ring. So, let your sparkling ring have all the spotlight it deserves with these steps and elevate your ring-selfie game!

Photo Credit: Nathan Lee Allen @NathanLeeAllen

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