Bangalore Fashion Week Day 1


Bangalore Fashion Week Day 1

“For many of us, fashion is just a popular style or practice especially in clothing, but the 20th edition of Bangalore Fashion Week at The Oterra made us perceive fashion as a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style which a person dresses”. Elegance, style, boldness, sensible and inspiring was the runway on the first day. A dash of elegance from subtle colors to admirable glamour was the aesthetic at the event. The day one of the event showcased exceptional talent, revealed six talented fashion designers in the country.

The Lissa School of Design, who are the educational partners of the BFW, showcased an amazing collection of their students.

Piyanshu Bajaj, a new talent debuted in the BFW with her nature-inspired collections. Her Garments had handmade embroidery that had a touch of drama made through ruffles and layers of fabric.

Prashant Tripathi another new talent played with an electric color palette. The beautiful handwork and patchwork techniques in his collection showcased the rexine and hand materials which gave a futuristic look to the entire collection.

Another debutante, Nitin from SandipDesinz was a pleasure to watch on the runway.

Abhishek Dutta makes his mark at Bangalore fashion week with his distinctive style and futuristic design. The entire collection made by the designer’s take in power dressing.

PriakataariaPuri’s collection was all about Alcazar architecture. The vibrant colors of Mudejar talked about strong pillars and warmth of the Moorish culture, which speaks about the royalty through its colors. Her collection Zahra is all about pastels.

Day one of the Bangalore fashion week was inspiring with new creative ideas from the perspective of young and aspiring designers which left the audience awestruck.


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