Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2


Bangalore Fashion Week Day 2

Liisa School of Design inaugurated the second day with their breathtaking collection. The young and the creative minds of the school reflected in the runway, which expressed their exceptional talent and futuristic ideas.

The second collection of the day was Simply Kitsch by Ashish Kumar and Diksha Saxena. This collection was beautiful and a delight for the eyes. It was an ode to the Kantha crafts traditions of Bengal that combines layers of fabrics stitched together by hand to form colorful compositions like poetry in the symphony. The motives and patterns were inspired by nature and the detailing in the embroidery was breathtaking.


The third collection of the day was by the amazingly talented Prarthnna Kochhar. The collection was inspired by the streets and structural houses. The colors were really pleasant, and they would go well in the Summer season. The French knot technique was used effectively in this collection of classic Indo-western luxury wear. Elements of Bouganvillea and the architecture style of buildings in the collection added an element spark to it.


Next, Pixie Yard Couture Studio by Nagashree Gururaj presented her collection ‘Alchemy’. Her collection was quite magical and phenomenal. The silhouettes were dramatic and flowy. Her collection was a symbolic representation of bringing in confidence and empowerment. Totally, this cocktail collection will add as a definite delight to a woman’s wardrobe.


The fifth show of the day was a very special one because it had the bloggers walking the runway. The collection was all about glitters on silk fabrics and animal prints. This show hit us with reality and gave confidence and importantly an idea for everyone that they could sport and hit the ramp just like the bloggers did. It created a sense of connecting directly with the audience.


Finally, for the finale of day two Ramesh Dembla showcased his out of the box, the finely crafted collection – BRUMOUS. His Avant – Garde collection were extremely thought-provoking and it was a reflection of surrealistic and kinetic movement. This collection was totally new yet reflected pure aesthetic nature with subtle colors, adding Indian sensibility.


The second day of the Bangalore Fashion Week was a touch of elegance from subtle colors to a whole lot of admirable glamour. It was definitely a day of delight for the eyes of the audience.

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