Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3


Bangalore Fashion Week Day 3

Day 3 showed us from smart casual to heavy bridal wear to quirky red-carpet-ready gowns.

Pastels by Jayashri Takalkar was all about comfortable clothing. The look was well put together with the hues of  black, white and grey. It was a pleasant show to watch on the Day 3 of Bangalore Fashion Week

Then followed RUCHE by Bhumi Shah and Amit Purohit showcasing beautiful traditional silhouette made of beautiful flowy satin lehengas, saree, gowns. These were majorly made for the bridesmaid, handcrafted by ten beautiful designers.

The second half of the day saw Meraj  Anwar collection who’s kept much treasured by the fashion industry. His innovative style, flair and knowledge of the art of design, colors and fabrics makes him the most desired designers for wedding attires nationally. His concept, this time, was Zara at the Bangalore Fashion Week. The collection was about nature, and blooming flowers.

The finale was put together by none other than Swapnil Shinde, one of the finalists from the reality show Lakmé Fashion House. His concept at the fashion week struck a right balance from sexy and bold to elegant at the same time. He had two concepts put out at the show. The first showcasing The intersection which was brilliantly put together by overlapping fabric, vibrant colors, lace, animal prints which was then followed by the vibrant stunning gowns with long veil had the right amount of grace, glamour put in them.

This ends day 3 of the fashion week.

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