Our Favourite Instagram-Friendly Breakfast Spots in Bangalore


Our Favorite Instagram-Friendly Breakfast Spots in Bangalore

When we think of Brunches there is always a checklist. Firstly, the food and the alcohol, and then there is the aspect of ambiance and how it scores the Instagram points.


Tea Villa cafe

Where: Jayanagar/ HSR

This café is located in two different locations, and both have a very similar Aura with purple and golden exteriors. The inside of the café has an accent wall in every corner with black and white checkered tiles on the floor. The pink chairs and neon light wall pieces are extremely picture friendly. It basically hits the checklist of clicking an insta post on every corner of the café. They have an extensive variety of tea’s. Their waffle’s and lasagna are the most talked about dishes.


House of Foxtrot


Where: Koramangala 3rd Block

Breakfast Smoothies to Chicken satay, House of Foxtrot has a well-established menu. The cafe provides you with the nostalgic feeling of being a part of an old Movie scene. With their exclusive alcohol menu, it’s the best place to choose for Sunday brunches. Vintage pictures and the big gold mirror on the wall is a perfect picture spot.


The Hole in the wall Café

Where: Koramangala

There is no introduction needed for this particular café. You will see a huge line every weekend without a miss. It’s literally “the Breakfast spot” in town. Hash browns, sunny side ups, crispy bacon, the list of delicious food just goes on. The ambiance is super cool and they have old pictures decked nicely on their walls.


The Mad Tea Pot

Where: Indiranagar

This place is heavenly for those who love interiors and a picture-perfect place. The café is part of the store “The Wishing Chair”.  It has beautiful pieces and some amazing Saffron Kahwah. Sip some tea and enjoy cupcakes but even a person who is not an Instagram enthusiast will definitely click a picture.

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