Akashi a Sustainable Brand launches its new collection VERONICA


Founded in 2017 and spearheaded by Vina Ahuja, Akashi is a label conceptualised around the idea of Modern India. Akashi helms from the Japanese translation of power and in its true form translates and exudes power. It conveys the power of the modern Indian woman in its simplest and the purest form of clothing which projects elegance and sophistication. Breathing life into tales of empowerment and diversity, of all sizes and shapes, from different walks of life, Akashi encourages the women of today to rediscover India and welcome the contemporary garment. Akashi is set on the journey at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, with a strong belief in sustainability and contemporary aesthetics.

The brand creates easy to wear clothing, supporting the cottage industries of India thereby encouraging the traditional techniques to be beautifully presented on contemporary silhouettes. The sustainable label aims at bringing back the old handicraft to make a silhouette feminine with the use of natural village woven fabrics crafted using traditional means. The Akashi clothes consist of khadi and cotton fabrics and are styled in an acceptable manner which represents effortless dressing. Present in cities across India Akashi is modestly priced five thousand onwards and continuously creating a path of awareness about Indian textiles. Akashi is reiterating the fashion quotient of the modern Indian women and it aims to extend their reach across India as well as a foray into the international market to grow the need for simple fabrics in a contemporary format.

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