5 Beautiful Countries Where Indians Can Travel Without Visa


5 Beautiful Countries Where Indians Can Travel Without Visa

Traveling is something everyone likes to do. Exploring beautiful places, learning new cultures, and mingling with new people can create some memorable experience. To travel outside the country can be very hectic due to the visa applying procedure. Luckily, Indian passport can take you to some amazing places without a travel visa. So, let’s check out some amazing places where Indians can travel without a visa.


A place filled with dreamy beaches and stylish holiday homes, yes Mauritius is a special spot that a travel lover can’t miss at any cost. The heavenly country is a fascinating holiday spot with diverse marine life, waterfalls, wildlife, and some hiking trails. The beautiful weather and drool-worthy delicacies can give you a blissful experience.

Octopus Curry

Mauritius cuisine has an Indian influence and then you can try variant varieties of curries, parathas, biriyanis, and a wide range of seafood to satisfy your food plates. Don’t forget to try some adrenaline pumping activities, and don’t even let me start about the endless shopping possibilities.

Visa is not required for 60 days.


Micronesia is a beautiful country contains more than 600 islands to explore where you can find handful of palm-shaded beaches, ancient ruins, wreck-filled dives and much more.

Micronesian Sea Food

Micronesia is one of the best holiday spots to relax with your friends and family. Enjoy the coconut based curries and desserts with some amazing drinks for a perfect holiday trip.

Visa is not required for 30 days.


Macau is known as the Las Vegas of Asia, where you can find some glamorous destination offering exciting nightlife options for shopping and dining. The luxury entertainment city was a Portuguese colony for 300 years and that gives the cultural hybridity to the country where you can find some Chinese temple which stands on maritime-themed Portuguese tiles.

Curry Noodles

Yes, the country offers everything from Chinese dim sums to pasteis de nata (Portuguese egg tarts, and curry noodles to Macanese minchi (ground meat stir-fried with potatoes).

Visa is not required for 30 days.


This beautiful island country located in the South Pacific Ocean is the perfect place for scuba diving. The country offers underwater caverns, wrecks and many more to welcome the tourists.

Vanuatu Sea Food

The cruise-ship ports and flashy resorts along with deserted beaches, ancient culture, remote and rugged islands, and world-class diving, what more you can ask.

Visa not required for 30 days.


The soothing scenery of snow-capped mountains, ancient monasteries, pristine trekking trails, and thrilling adventures, yes, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan lures visitors with this spectacular scenery.

Bhutanese Red Rice with Chicken and Spinach

The worlds happiest country provides some beautiful Buddhist sites, Tashichho Dzong, Tiger’s Nest in Paro, a fortified monastery and government palace with gold-leafed roofs and some finger licking delicacies.

So, which country are you going to visit this holiday season? Let us know in the comment section.



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