Ajay Devgn Trolls Birthday Girl Kajol For Her Beauty Sleep


Ajay Devgn Trolls Birthday Girl Kajol


The actress Kajols birthday chill photo posted by her husband Ajay Devgn with a note “Wake up! You do not need your beauty sleep, as yet” is relatable to all of us. In the photo, Kajol is seen relaxing in the balcony but it more looks like she is sleeping. The holiday mood picture got the replay for Kajol stating that “I’m awake. Just found out Yug doesn’t have school. Its holidays all around.”

Ajay Devgn had already revealed on Koffee With Karanearlier last year that Kajol is really fussy when it comes to posting pictures on social media.

“Problem is not clicking the pictures. Problem is… three hours they are sitting and correcting them so they can post it.” He added.

Ajay Devgn and Kajol got married in 1999 and they have two beautiful daughters Nysa andYug.






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