Arhaan Is ‘Xerox Copy’ Of Arbaaz Khan? Malaika Arora Shared The Proof


Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora shared a throwback photo of her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan’s childhood picture to a collage with one of Arhaan‘s photos from when he was much younger which clearly revealed the uncanny similarity the father-son duo.

She wrote in her Instagram story on Sunday, “OMG. Arhaan, you are a Xerox copy of your papa,” tagging Arbaaz Khan.Malaika and Arbaaz was married in 1998 and got divorced in 2017 ending the 19 years of marriage.Malaika Arora

In a recent interview with Zoom Tv, Malaika Arora revealed that Arhaan is a huge fan of movies because of grown up in a Bollywood khandaan, but whether he wants to be part of the industry or not, is still uncertain.

He just has an affinity to films. That’s because he’s grown up in an environment of films. He loves watching films, he likes following films, he likes the whole concept of films but what he wants to do with that, I really don’t know. I mean, any of us don’t know just yet because he’s not sure just yet.”

Arbaaz said to the Deccan Chronicle in a recent interview that “I have a good equation with her side of the family too. So, if we could not live amicably under one roof, we decided to lead our lives separately. Our son has kept us bonded, and when he grows up everything will be better.

Arbaaz Khan is dating a dating Italian Model Giorgia Andriani and Malaika Arora has already introduced Arhaan to Arjun Kapoor, her rumoured boyfriend

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