When Autism Turned Into A Superpower


The initial reaction of seeing a person with autism would probably be soaked with sympathy. Pranav Bakhshi is one person who doesn’t want that. The stunning Indian model turned autism into his superpower. His dashing looks and brooding eyes will catch your attention at first glance. He is on a journey of breaking the myths of the fashion industry with his special superpower.

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So, what makes this young 19-year-old boy different from others? Pranav is India’s first male model with autism and he is the simplest example of showing the world that even autism can’t be a hurdle to achieve your dreams. His Instagram is filled with positivity as well as the determination that is capable to change the world. Pranav is now living his model dreams and wants to walk the ramp for international brands and become a leading male model. He has already walked for some known high street labels. Yes, this 19-year-old is now working with a leading Delhi based agency called Ninjas Model run by Ninja Singh, who is a model herself and has done quite a few modelling assignments for leading international cosmetic brands.

Pranav’s story is inspirational for all of us. Before signing up with the modelling agency, he and his mother Anupama Bakhshi sent several emails to different modelling agencies but unfortunately, no one showed interest because of autistic nature. But Ninja Singh kind of knew that he had all the qualities to be a perfect model and now he is getting booking requests from various clients within a very short span. He became quite a pro in modelling and according to Ninja Singh, “It is the first time in history that India will represent such diversity like nowhere else in the world. We are proud that India will invigorate fashion is a very moralistic sense,”

Pranav is an extraordinary talented boy. One in 166 children in India have autism and many of them are caged in their home. Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition which causes difficulties in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills with repetitive behaviours. But it doesn’t mean that people with autism can’t have a normal life like us. Stories like this are a reminder for people to think twice before making a huge mistake. Yes, autism can be a superpower if you are super parents.


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