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Fairy Gardenia

So, have you seen the miniature gardens in fairy tales? I have and I always wanted one at my home. But how? Well, the Fairy Gardenia in Kormanagala will be your finest option to get the green cover for your home. Don’t worry, the founder can change a huge bungalow or a small apartment to the fairy garden within no time.

Fairy Gardenia

So, what makes this place special? Well, every client is special for the founder and the founder will come over and quickly understand your apartment space to create the perfect green cover accordingly. Her skills in creating a miniature garden are excellent. The fairytale garden will have everything from different kinds of cacti, bonsai, pebbles, and patio décor to complete your balcony or to be a table centerpiece also.

Fairy Gardenia

Anything else you need apart from the mini fairy gardens? Well, you can also find vertical gardens and planters with a huge variety of plants in them which will act as a perfect housewarming gift for your loved ones. And also don’t forget about the contemporary potters. You can also pick up mini bull carts with small plants in them to keep at home for additional decoration. As like the saying, creativity has no boundaries, the founder even makes adorable mini gardens in potters which looks exactly like seashells.

Fairy Gardenia

What are you waiting for? Christmas? Grab your phone and let the founder know that you are coming to get your own customized set of greens as soon as possible.

Address: – Koramangala, Bangalore.

Phone Number: – 094498 11930

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