Wakefit.co Unveils #SleepIndiaSleep



Wakefit.co unveiled #SleepIndiaSleep, a one-of-its-kind campaign to hunt for India’s Sleep Champion. The leading online sleep solutions provider organised a panel with Luke Coutinho and Dr. Arun Sasidharan, NIMHANS, to drive conversations around sleep. Driven by the overwhelming response to its unique sleep internship programme, Wakefit.co, India’s largest sleep solutions provider, is kickstarting an innovative sleep movement, with its hunt for India’s Sleep Champion. #SleepIndiaSleep is an attempt to amplify and sustain the conversations around sleep in India, on the occasion of the World Sleep Month.

Wakefit.co has been envisioning an India that takes care of its sleep health and the company aims to facilitate behavioural shift through innovative campaigns. To further enhance the quality of conversations, Wakefit.co organized a thought-provoking panel on SLEEP – the deepening crisis and triggers, the health and science behind it, and the trends and impact on lifestyle. Luke Coutinho, globally acclaimed, award-winning holistic lifestyle coach and author and Dr Arun Sasidharan, Scientist, Center for Consciousness Studies, NIMHANS spoke at the event about the complex science of sleep. Contrary to popular belief, the experts threw light on how each person has different sleep requirements and chatted about the influences of lifestyle, sleep environment etc. on sleep patterns of individuals. They also talked to the audience about the impact of food, exercise and emotional well-being on sleep and the complexities of REM and non-REM sleep.

Speaking about the #SleepIndiaSleep campaign, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Co-founder and Director, Wakefit.co said, “We realised that India is indeed ready to take actionable steps towards better sleep health. All they need is a push to make it happen. While the Sleep Internship campaign touched some lives, we wanted to create a movement in India, where every Indian takes pride in maintaining great sleep health. The inter-city, inter-state and ultimately nation-wide competition is our quest to find India’s sleep champion!”

Following the overwhelming response to its unique sleep internship programme – with over 1.7 lakh applications from across India and 30 countries – Wakefit.co is set to launch the new campaign that will touch the lives of people and provide them with an opportunity to track and evaluate their sleep patterns sitting anywhere in the country.

Chaitanya also spoke on the need for sleep to be a pertinent topic of conversation in today’s times and said, “India is the second-most sleep-deprived country in the world. We need a movement that can bring sleep back into our mainstream discourse. I’m happy to have Luke and Dr Arun join us in our cause today and be a part of this remarkable journey with us. We hope to make this a mass movement where every individual in this country takes pride in sleeping deeply and peacefully.”

Sharing his thoughts on the advanced sleep research that is taking place in the country and across the world, Dr Arun Sasidharan, scientist, Center for Consciousness Studies, NIMHANS, said, “Our research aims to get a better understanding of the dynamics of sleep and thereby, consciousness. There are a lot of exciting scientific studies on cognitive therapies for sleep and sleep patterns. The challenge is to communicate this knowledge to the wider audience so that it can be translated into lifestyle changes for better sleep health.”

Wakefit.co Unveils #SleepIndiaSleep

Wakefit.co Unveils #SleepIndiaSleep

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