Top Brands Pledge to Stop Working with Models below 18


Kering S.A is a world class international luxury group in Paris. They believe in putting their best creation in everything they do. The brand also offers a unique experience that the customer desires from the brand. They own luxury brands Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent to name a few.

Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affaires at Kering believe that physiological and psychological maturity of models above aged 18, seemed more appropriate than below 18 and they would understand the rhythm and the requirements, and the demands of the job.

In future brands like Gucci would no longer employ models below 18, and this effect would start off from the beginning of 2020. This announcement was made at Copenhagen Fashion Summit by Kering.

“We believe that we have a responsibility to put forward the best possible practices in the luxury sector and we hope to create a movement that will encourage them to follow suit.” François-Henri Pinault, Kering’s Chairman and Chief Executive, called on others in the industry to adopt a similar policy. This isn’t the first time a similar practice was taken in for the runway models.

The New York Fashion Week, Conde Nast, which publishes Vogue magazines said they would not use models under the age of 18 for any editorial shoot unless they are the subject of an article where in the announcement was made in preserve the maturity of the young models and also having the responsibility to put forward the best possible practices in the luxury sectors, hoping that the movement will encourage others to follow suit.

Kering ‘s decision is helping fashion brands become more ethical, in both designs and also in their working practices.

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