The Secret of 20 minutes Power Nap


The Secret of 20 minutes Power Nap

Sleep is an important aspect of human life and for the functioning of mind and wellbeing of the body. An average adult should get a minimum of seven hours of sleep daily. But given the busy lives that we experience, be it college going adults or office goers, it gets difficult to consume enough sleep because our lifestyles demand otherwise. Sleep is essential but it is also important to inculcate certain techniques which quickly remove stress and worries. Mudit Dandwate, Co-founder, Dozee shares the secrets of 20-minutes power nap.

So how do we cope up with the lost sleep to nurture our health?

Don’t worry, we have you covered with some easy to practice meditation techniques. One such is Yoga nidra, which is also known as yogic sleep and has been proved to be useful in more ways than one. It is the state of consciousness between waking up and falling asleep. It is the “going to sleep” stage and it is ordinarily coaxed by guided meditation. A 20 minutes session of yoga nidra is equivalent to 1 hour of sound sleep.

How does it help?

It helps the person practising it to be completely relaxed, become systematically and increasingly aware of their inner self and concentrate on the positive thoughts by following a certain set of verbal instructions. It helps you shift your brain into an alpha state (from gamma and beta waves seen during working hours), starts its process of “powering down,” or coming into a rest state with slower, restorative brain-wave activity.

Yoga nidra counteracts stress, long standing anxiety and also depression. It refreshes the mind, making it more open to absorbing and learning new things. It also releases the tension in the body. Practising yoga nidra right before going to bed every night trains your mind and body for this relaxation process so you can reach a deeper state of sleep. It also helps combat insomnia. It induces complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation.

The Secret of 20 minutes Power Nap

Certain AI and other IoT devices make it easier to take up relevant information from the signals/vibrations that your body produces while you are asleep and give you a health report that can help you make amends. They also provide you with personalised set of guided meditation on their application to make your life easier.

A regular practice of yoga nidra has all the potential to help you develop, change, or alter your routines and lifestyle for the better. So, we sure are onto plugging into an application to practice some yoga nidra and reap some benefits.

The Secret of 20 minutes Power Nap

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