Kaya Clinic to ensure compliance with all safety & hygiene rules


After weeks of the nationwide lockdown and partial lifting of restrictions across the country, Kaya Clinic, India’s foremost chain of specialised skin & hair clinics, offers personalised solutions by expert dermatologists delivered through a synergistic combination of products and services backed by state-of-the-art safe skincare technologies.

Kaya Clinic has resumed clinical operations in Bangalore in accordance with the standard operating procedures laid down by the State Government along with all safety guidelines issued by the B&WSSC, under advise from Corona Critical Care Unit of AIIMS and Ministry of Skill Development. Out of 10 Kaya Clinics in Bangalore, 9 have re-opened with +60 safety measures implemented.

In order to maintain a safe physical environment in the clinic, Kaya has implemented the standards of shielding and hygiene, along with immediate focus on personnel and clientele protection; complying with the highest standards of preventive measures. These protocols have been developed using WHO guidelines and dermatologist expertise to ensure 100% sterile safe environment. The efforts include:

  • COVID-19 taskforce set up to look at every aspect of Clinic Safety & Hygiene protocols
  • All safety measures set by top Dermatologists across the country
  • UVC sanitization of service rooms/grooming rooms after every service
  • Pre-screening and temperature checks of consumers, staff and vendors & a health declaration form
  • Extensive safety protocols followed by staff and dermatologists – use of masks, gloves, sanitizers, PPE kits that are SITRA-certified
  • Contactless experience not limited to hands-free sanitizer at the front desk, assisted purchase of products, digital mode of payments etc.

Monodose kits for all services

Extensive safety manual for employees, vendors and consumers.

Speaking on resuming operations, Rajiv Nair, Group CEO – Kaya Clinic said, “In pursuance of the directives and guidelines issued by the central government and state government, the operations of our clinics in Bangalore have been resumed. Every clinic will undergo enhanced deep sanitization regularly to ensure the safety of our customers, staff and experts. Being India’s most trusted brand of dermatologist-backed clinics providing expert skin and hair care solutions, all our protocols are complying to WHO guidelines ensuring a completely sanitized environment. We have trained all our customer-facing staff and provided them SITRA-approved PPE kits for use in our clinics.  We have designed a new campaign ‘Kaya Safe’ to encompass our obsession with safety which is very much called for in this situation. We want our customers to feel safe and visit our clinics to avail the services they have been missing out on for the last two months. Each of these services will be performed under the supervision of doctors under the ambit of Kaya safety. A robust training programme for each clinic staff member has been undertaken with our experienced dermatologists leading the process with expertise.”


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