Beauty Habits to Ditch ASAP!!!


Here are a few  behaviours that everybody should believe in quitting. Quitting these habits have become quite easy, with an easy and affordable replacement which ease the effort. Quick fixes like facial wipes, hair serum, nail-paint make work easier and quicker.

Over Plucking – eyebrow.

Eyebrows are extremely important as they are the most prominent facial feature. They accentuate eyes and facial features. Hence over plucking eyebrows makes a lot of difference in your over all appearance. Bushy eyebrows are back, bushy makes you look younger while compared to the thinner making you look cartoonish. With eyebrow fillers making your life easier and simpler, making your look youthful is a must-try.

Beauty Habits

Forgetting your Sunscreen.

This is the worse thing anybody could do to your skin. Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays which leads to early aging and wrinkles, skin diseases like skin cancer are also the effect of this harmful radiation. A good SPF lasts for 4 hour, which needs to be reapplied often for the effect to last longer.

Beauty Habits

Waiting forever for a haircut

The health of the hair is directly proportional to what we eat. Food that we eat is very important for healthy, strong, lustrous hair. Keeping up with regular trims isn’t always realistic. Hair serum having the right ratio of nourishment required that helps the hair to grow longer and stronger and also protects the hair from heat and bad weather conditions.

Beauty Habits

Sleeping with make-up on

Its disasters to your skin. Some nights were splashing water on your face is exhausting, facial wipes are the best option to opt for which is also at close proximity to your comfort. But sleeping in with make-up on is a big NO-NO!. Facial wipes come with a lot of infused vitamin in them. Infused facial serum, skin softening milk, hydration essentials facial wipes are a good option

Beauty Habits


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