Seven Must-have Bras for Everyday Wear


If you’re in love with the shape of you, a big part of that reason has to be – Bras.  A woman knows very well that nothing can ruin their day faster than an uncomfortable bra, which is why filling your lingerie drawer with everyday options that are as comfy as they are flattering is very important. Girls, we are highly dependent on such bras to give shape to our body, but do we know the right bras which should be used on a daily basis.

Read on, and get ready for a serious bra drawer overhaul — in a land where a supportive bra doesn’t have to skimp on style. Whether you’re looking for a classic T-shirt softie or a liberating wireless bralette- Ahead, seven game-changing bras you’ll never want to take off.

T-shirt bra

It’s more than likely the style you wear most often — because of its minimalist design and focus on comfort. The best for daily use, a T-shirt bra is any style of bra that has a seamless, smooth look under a fitted shirt. It offers full coverage which not only keeps you comfortable but also gives plenty of support even when you’re wearing the thinnest tees. These come with moulded protection, sometimes with an underwire, but not necessarily padded. They add rigidity and give a minimized look depending on your bust size.

The Bralettes

The bralette is the impeccable way to add fun detail under a cut-out top and get the comfortable feel of an athletic bra with design upgrades. They are an ideal choice when you want to make a fashion statement. They’re comfortable enough to wear on weekends. Plus fashionable enough to be worn as sexy lingerie or as a layering insert inside of a professional jacket. Bralettes are here to stay for long.

The Sports Bra

Whether or not working out is part of your day-to-day life, you should have a sports bra in your arsenal. They are designed for your workout sessions, and that’s one less thing for you to worry about, whether you’re sweating it out or not. It also minimizes breast movements during physical activity, offering different levels of support and compression (light, medium, and high impact) depending on the intensity of physical activity. There are basically two types of sports bras: compression and encapsulation. The first one holds your breasts by compressing and are meant for low-medium impact of workouts, while the latter is more like a regular bra, in which each breast has its own cup and is worn during high intensity workouts. It is always advisable to wear a bra that does double duty with both compression and encapsulation qualities, especially for a moderate-to-high-impact activity like running.

The Strapless Bra

The queen bee of bra woes for women everywhere! Strapless bras are great for special occasions, including weddings – or for your everyday wardrobe if you love shirts with strapless designs or unusual necklines. The support of a strapless bra comes from the band. It keeps your bust up, while the straps simply help the bra lie flat against your bust. This means that, with a little extra support from the band, the straps aren’t really essential. While going for strapless, most options feature underwire, boning, and padding for the additional support since there are no straps to lift.

Cotton Bra

A cotton bra is a staple bra to have in your drawer for plenty of reasons. It lets your skin breathe through it. Cotton blended fabrics are also commonly being used for regular wear as the fabric allows more flexibility and is stretch resistant. Moreover, if you have sensitive breasts or just need a bra that does not feel tight against your skin, then cotton bras are the way to go.

Padded Bra

Padded bra emphasises padding inside its lining, thereby enabling a fuller shape to ladies. It is mostly used or worn to enhance the figure and also to hide any nipple shape. This everlasting bra style can be worn anytime, anywhere, with any outfit. The padding is intended to add fullness to the bust line and enhance the appearance of your bust.

Pushup bra

Pushup bra works on a simple mechanism of adding lift and volume to the breasts so that they are symmetric, closer, and fuller. For starters, a push-up bra helps women with a smaller bust line or those whose breasts do not stick high up at the chest.

Give a major upgrade to your regular lingerie wardrobe with these options. Cherish your bra collection and stay indoors amidst the comfort and support of the perfect bra.

– By Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Paris Beauty.

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