Prolonged Solitude


Amidst this crisis when the whole world is under lockdown, Reves Art Gallery – Bangalore brings your favourite artists home through a unique concept of virtual art camp. Rajini Rekha who is also a well-known artist has curated this Art camp and she has got together few well known artists, who will work from their own studio space and provide the art works to the gallery. Reves Art Gallery will be supporting each of these artists with an honorarium.

The main objective of the art camp covers 4 ‘E’ s

Excitement –by having something very new to have a virtual art camp.

Enjoyable experience – Create an enjoyable experience by organising virtual platform to create the ambience of an art camp.

Engage: There are series of online sessions organised to share, exchange ideas and voice opinions.

Embrace the solitude: That’s something we all need to understand as it’s a new normal we need to live with until we see a light down the tunnel.

It is said that art commands attention of the world at any given point of time. Reves Art Gallery, has always been at the forefront in bringing innovative ways to keep the artist, art lovers and the connoisseurs engaged with equal excitement. The art camp formally started on June 10th 2020.

Creativity is a way of living life. Any experience that reveals the human spirit is incredible. Artists enjoy solitude and the potential beauty in loneliness. It is on such occasion ideas flow best and abundantly. But, sometimes prolonged solitude can be of a great challenge as in present times. There is a dire need to make an effort to channelise energies consciously. This art camp is an attempt to explore how society and art come together when we are distanced from the distractions of our normal lives. ‘Prolonged Solitude’ is about how one seeks inspiration by staying indoors keeping the spirit of life alive. Being able to see that there is light despite the tough times. Keeping Hope for a better tomorrow! HOPE is indeed a powerful tool while we all sail through ‘PROLONGED SOLITUDE’.

Artists on this board are very well known for their signature styles and are blessed to bring in a very positive vibe to the communities and artists across the country. There will be series 1, 2 and 3 for now and Reves Art Gallery intends to continue with series 4 and 5 as well in the coming months.

Participating Artists: Artists are from different parts of the country – Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Each of the below mentioned artist work on various different mediums like oils, Acrylics, water colours, Ceramics, Wood relief, Silk layering, Tempera.

Series-1 S G Vasudev, Rekha Hebbar Rao, Laxma Goud, V Ramesh, Manish Pushkale, Seema Kohli, Chippa Sudhakar, Raghava KK.

Series-2 Sachin Jaltare, Vinod Daroz, Bhaskar Rao, Basuki Das Gupta, V.Hariraam, Venkat Bothsa,Siddharth Shingade, Kalyan Rathore.

Series -3 Murali Cheeroth, Mukesh Sharma, Parvathy Nair, Farhad Hussain, Subramanian Gopalsamy, Vaishali Oak Drubajyothi Barel, Rajini Rekha.

Rajini Rekha, proprietor Rêves Art Gallery, a fine art destination based in South Jayanagar, Bengaluru, is also an effervescent artist. She graduated from NIFT and later on worked for Tommy Hilfiger, an MNC, where she had an opportunity to explore her creative ideas amalgamating art and economics. Having been acquainted for over 20 years with metropolitan culture of marvellous garden city of Bengaluru, a city of peace and tranquillity, Rajini reckons to bring beautiful art to the Bengaluru art lovers.

Inspired from the affluent Indian culture and values, she chose art over her previous lucrative career to promote fine arts with an immense disposition and zeal. Enormously enthused and dedicated to promote art and artists of India, she effectively brings up to the organization, i.e Reves Art Gallery, a fine blend of corporate professionalism and a larger commitment to the expansion of art appreciation in general.

Ms Rajini Rekha, aspires to relentlessly engage in various other activities associated with fine arts, such as organizing art camps, mounting thematic exhibitions, taking part in art curations and has been an active part of charity and promotional events. Recent events include ‘Khaki Chronicles’ in collaboration with Karnataka Police which received a huge appreciation from both public and the police personnels.

Through ‘Telangana Rangula Pallaki’ she embarked on a curatorial debut where both young and eminent artists took part in the show. The intention of the show is to unfold the significance of art of the region and to bring forth the history of the artistic tradition as part of cultural renaissance of Telangana. ‘Gajamukha’, ‘Metropolis’ , ‘Confluence Of Aesthetics’ and ‘BE YOU (tiful) to name a few more of Rajini ’s curations.

Rajini is looking forward to promoting Indian Artists on National and International platforms. She has been actively holding the shows and performances engaging the city’s art lovers with new experience each time.

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