PeeBuddy – Your Freedom To Stand and Pee


Ladies, aren’t you guys tired of using those dirty toilet seats? Well, all the efforts to pee in each and every place including airport, railway station, metro station, stores, malls and what more to say, your workplace is very hard for each woman. How much time you can hold your pee?

Do you know that 85% of women say they don’t use dirty toilets and they hold their pee until they find a clean bathroom?

Where ever I go, my biggest concern is to find a clean bathroom nearby. But, what to do. To be frank, I’m tired of this endless search. So mainly what I do is hydrate myself, hold the pee as far as I can or catch a lifelong infection with actually peeing on dirty toilets. Isn’t there any solution for this? Well, yes there is.

Do you know that 1 million plus active germs per square inch on public washroom toilets and 40000 germs on the toilet handle?

Recently I came across with an advertisement about an innovative and useful product called PeeBuddy – a disposable female urination device that will help the women to urinate at public places. Yes, you heard that right. PeeBuddy is a portable and disposable device which can be carried in the pockets and can use anytime when nature calls. (Video)

Pee buddy is used by thousands of women across the world and rated 4.6 on Amazon.

PeeBuddy is a Delhi-based startup which is launched in 2014 which produce women hygiene and intimate care products to enhance the lifestyle quality of women across India. The bright brains behind this brilliant idea are Deep Bajaj – Founder of Peebuddy and his friends Mohit Bajaj and Rahul Anand.

From a usual thought of Deep’s wife, the idea to build a portable and disposable device which allows the women to stand and pee was born. Yes, I thank them for the greatest gift which anyone ever has given me.

PeeBuddy also has the re-usable stand and pee device for women made with soft flexible thermoplastic rubber.

This extraordinary product is easy to use and easy to dispose of also. Just take your PeeBuddy, gently press them to pop open the funnel, place it between your legs and there you go. This revolutionary product will help you to avoid catching UTI infections.

PeeBuddy is also suitable for pregnant ladies, women with arthritis, old ladies, and also cancer patients too.

So, from now drink whatever you want, go where ever you want and pee whenever you want. Yes, that’s right. No more wiping seats, holding pee and uncomfortable semi-squats. And as their ad says, it is not about feminism, it is about hygiene and convenience.

Yeah, you go girl.

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