Met Gala at Bangalore?? Yes, it’s for real!


Met Gala at Bangalore

All Ladies league, Bangalore organized a super bowl of fashion league where women from this group held a fashion show. ALL LADIES LEAGUE has a most unique vision of connecting women across the globe and nurturing the cause of women in as many diverse ways as possible. The overarching aim is to create a worldwide web of women to support and empower one another, beyond boundaries.
The event was curated by Chairperson MinnkuButtar ,Vice Chairperson KhushbooNagpal with their team Viju Chatterjee, PreetiSundar, Meenakshi, Tina, Gayathri sand over 20+ designers with their muses were present. The Theme was Exaggeration, Flamboyant and stunning Avant-Garde Attires, Re- created from their existing wardrobe which could lead to a vision of Re-Purpose, Re-Use and Re-Cycle.

A Panel discussion was led by Minnku Buttar with Mr. Pramod Adhikari & Mrs. Ally Mathan as panelists to address the growing concerns about the problem and some possible solutions for the same.


This Asymmetrical contemporary dress, designed by SrishthiJaiswal on behalf of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, was inspired by the muse Mrs. Renu, who exemplifies the traits of a modern woman. She is adaptable to change and is ready to move on with the times, yet holding onto her traditional values. Keeping this in mind, the garment features traditional silhouette with a modern style line.

The garment reflects the values associated with the muse – Mrs. Renu, a scholar, who was married off at a young age. However, she has adapted to this change with flair and balances her life of a proud homemaker, a happy wife and a mother of 3 delightful children without losing her identity.She is now the queen of her house as well.

The contemporary dress is asymmetrical keeping in mind the body type and age of the client. The overall look of the garment is sophisticated red carpet. The colors used for the garments are; black, as it represents strength, authority, sophistication and elegance; whereas, the color beige, represents flexibility and reliability, as the inspiration herself.

The fabrics used for the creation of the garment harnesses sustainability and zero wastage, wherein the outfit was created from an old table runner and a 25-year-old sari. Since, both the materials were lying idle they were given a new lease of life and were utilized to the maximum, with minimal wastage. The black, hand embroidered sari was converted into an asymmetrical dress and the beige table runner adds softness and style to the look. In addition to the dress, the long sleeve was made out of net fabric to add exaggeration. A pant was created to be worn over the sari dress, to complete the look. The ensemble is created in 2 parts which can be worn as separate pieces as well. The purpose behind making separates is to increase the number of wear.

To add to the styling aspect of the outfit, Accessories from the brand Begada were used. The handcrafted, innovative and modern designs jewelry added glamour to the entire look. The bejeweled ear cuffs added sparkle whereas the statement ring made innovatively curated by Begada team gave a bold definition to the hands. The accessories were brilliantly crafted and looked.

The evening ended by High – Tea at the Ritz Carlton with all the glitz and glam of the Gala. ALL truly shows how important It is for females to stand by together and how they can enforce the society.

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