Meet the Olay’s New Campaign -Together, we can #FaceAnything


Meet the Olay’s New Campaign -Together, we can #FaceAnything

Have you heard about the #FaceAnything Campaign by Olay? Well, the renowned cosmetics brand Olay has launched a new campaign called #FaceAnything to bring out the confidence in women.

Olay has always been an enabler of confidence in women. The #FaceAnything Campaign by Olay which came out on women’s day and it emphasized on the celebration of fearless spirits of women who have worked hard to be independent and broke the chain of judgments.

The #FaceAnything Campaign emphasized on inspiring women to be confident and bold. The ad shows how a woman can be bold with collaborating with the five strongest women including Masaba Gupta, Kubbra Sait, Lilly Singh, Priyanka Kochhar, and Payal Soni.

Lilly Sigh – the most popular YouTuber and comedian, Masaba Gupta – the famous designer, Kubbra Sait – actress, Priyanka Kochhar – biker and the plus-size model Payal Soni portrayed the key factors of women embody empowerment, sisterhood, bravery, fearlessness and the inner strength in the #FaceAnything Campaign by Olay.

Lily Sigh – Comedian


A brave outspoken role model to every woman in the world – Lily Sigh says that she is not afraid to use her career as a platform to encourage other women to be ambitious and ever apologizing for their accomplishments.

The most talented fashion designer, the creative powerhouse Masaba Gupta says to accept and love ourselves no matter what. Olay’s #FaceAnything Campaign inspire women to be bold confident and true to themselves.

The fearless actress and nonconformist Kubbra Sait expressed that Olay’s #FaceAnything Campaign will inspire women to love themselves more and to follow their dreams. Whatever the society says, carve your own path to fight for what you believe in.

The motorcyclist and model Priyanka Kochhar say that #FaceAnything Campaign is the celebration of strong women and this will help them to chase their dream and be fierce.

The role model for body positivity and also the plus-size model, Payal Soni says that #FaceAnything has been her mantra for years and being criticized for her shape all her life, finally he got the courage to own her curves. She added that women are indeed confident and they can #FaceAnything.

The #FaceAnything Campaign is not a typical Olay’s product-centric campaign.  The beautiful ideology of celebrating women being comfortable in their own skin to support one another is something unique. Unlike the ordinary video print and digital aspects, Olay also included the 28-day skin challenge.

Yes, changes are necessary and let’s be also part of this revolutionary change.

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